Clips & Bloopers

How HOT????

With such a huge variety of models, English is not always the first language and can lead to some very funny mistakes...

The Giant CamGirl

Members have many requests and fantasies. Some simple, some complex, but always interesting and fun... how about being a giant?

I'm a Barbie Girl

When a member asks you to become a barbie doll and takes care of all the details... clothes, accessories, make up!

Sexy foods?

Food to put you in the mood? Oysters, chocolates...? Maybe you need to try some new alternatives :)

Turtles Vs Vibrators

Now we don't know how much you know about turtles, but finding if they are male or female is a bit of difficult process.... or is it?

How many Orgasms?

We all know that orgasms can be faked, but are they? Really? Let some of the ImLive girls tell you what is really going on... WOW!

Favorite Fetish?

Ever wondered what gets your favorite CamGirl really hot under the collar? Here are some of the favorite fetishes...

Horny Bees!

Ahhhh, the thing you never knew you needed in your life... horny bees! Or as you maybe know it... VIBRATORS... Lots of vibrators!

A good kisser?

What makes a good kisser? Our fine ladies discuss the good the bad and the ugly. Where do you fall in the kissometer?

The Banana man

What is your fetish? Does it involve fruit? Maybe playing seductively or smearing it on your body? OH BOY.. get ready....

A Chainsaw!???

We don't care how kinky you are or what toys you use... we guarantee you don't have a chainsaw in your bag of tricks!


Is it your first time visiting a webcam platform? LadyRock gives some tips to webcam virgins. Don't be shy, come say hi!

It jumped out of my kitty!

Ever doubted if your cam girl is excited for real? Find out what happens when you pump that vibe button!