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Cam Girl Chronicles is an entertaining peek behind the scenes of the world of cam. This ten episode series is fast paced and hilarious, with great stories, fun features and plenty of surprises.

Plus, play along with Munch Madness, our weekly countdown at CamGirlPod.com where you decide the winner!

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Cam Girl Chronicles presented by ImLive is here! Hosted by Kate Kennedy, this new weekly podcast dives into the world of cam, featuring many of the girls from ImLive, sharing their stories. It's fresh. It's fun. An entertaining look behind the scenes you won't want to miss. Let's get into it... NEW EPISODES every Sunday, here at CamGirlPod.com

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Kate Kennedy is a comedian, content creator, and former adult film actress. During her adult career, she performed for many major studios and received several awards and nominations, before retiring in 2020 to focus on comedy and web content.

She lives in Los Angeles with her dog, Squeegee.